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Is It Time To Replace The Mattress?

A mattress is something many don’t think until they begin to sleep poorly or wake with a backache or other aches and pains. Unfortunately, the condition of one’s mattress should be assessed well before it begins to affect the night’s sleep. As a rule of thumb, most mattress don’t last much past 8 – 10 years, though some may last longer and may others have a much shorter life span, usually based upon quality and use. There are many resources available to determine the best type mattress for each person, but when it comes to replacing the mattress, the guidelines are fairly similar across the board.


A good night’s sleep should leave one well rested and ready to face the new day. Waking up with a sore back or an aching neck may be an indication that the mattress is lacking support. A supportive mattress may wear out sooner if it’s used nightly, as opposed to only occasional use. When one goes to sleep pain-free yet wakes up with stiffness and pain, it’s usually a sign the mattress doesn’t have enough support.


Another clue that it’s time to replace the mattress is that, upon examination, it visually sags in the center. This may be noticed while changing the sheets or flipping the mattress. Additionally, while lying on it, if it cocoons the sleeper in the center, it’s usually not cozy but instead a sign that the mattress is worn out.


For many, while traveling, they can’t wait to get home to their own bed to get a good night’s sleep. If instead, sleeping on a hotel mattress is a treat and allows the sleeper to wake uncharacteristically refreshed, it may be time to consider replacement of the home mattress. When a mattress degrades gradually, one may not realize the poor condition of it until sleeping away from home and realizing what a good night’s sleep really feels like.

Though a mattress isn’t something many want to spend money on, it’s very important to the health and wellness of the body. Many hours of one’s life are spent in bed, rejuvenating the body for the next day. It’s important that the mattress is comfortable, allowing the body to get the rest it needs. The body may never know how good it can feel until it actually gets a good night’s sleep.