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Garage Options: Benefits and Concerns

Having a place to park your car, store your lawn and garden tools, and so much more can be such an asset. Not every home has a garage, but that doesn’t mean that it is an impossible task. Having a private storage space can add value to a property as well as provide a weather-safe space that has the capacity to be used for many functions. There are many storage options that can be added to a house, mobile home, or business.


Providing shelter for your vehicle is simple with a carport. They come in different size varieties to fit one or more cars. Carports can be metal or wood and come in a variety of styles and finishes. This is a cost-effective method that comes at many price points to fit any budget. Carports can be placed over a solid ground, an existing driveway, or a newly laid concrete pad.

Prefabricated Garages

There is no need to assume that a full garage must mean a huge construction project. Prefab garage options are the same size, quality, and durability of a traditionally built garage. They are built in a factory then transported to the customer’s desired destination to be assembled. There are many benefits of prefabricated garages like reduced disruption to the property, eco-friendly by reducing waste, and consistent high-quality results.

Detached Garages

New construction is the most expensive option but offers the most flexibility and customization. A detached garage offers a quiet workspace, no disruption to a home during construction, and increases the home or property value. These garages can be customized in any size, style, or material. They are typically built by a specialized construction company or licensed contractor. The downside of new construction is the cost, time it takes to complete, weather delays, and potential for unforeseen problems.

Attached Garages

In most cases, attached garages are built at the same time as the house because they are connected by a door. They can be built as an add-on with the same seamless results as if they were built together. They are also customizable in size, materials, and can even add on a second level to the garage for an additional room. This addition is costly and will be loud and disruptive during construction, but the end results are amazing and especially useful on rainy days where homeowners can drive into their garage and walk straight inside without getting wet.

Carports and garages of all types offer many benefits. They are more than just a safe place to park a vehicle they also offer an increased property value, storage, and a quiet workspace. There are options for most budgets and customizations available on new construction. No matter which type of vehicle storage is selected it will provide a lifetime of continued use and a positive return on the initial investment. Adding a carport or garage can be done in a short amount of time but last a lifetime.