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Garage Options: Benefits and Concerns

Having a place to park your car, store your lawn and garden tools, and so much more can be such an asset. Not every home has a garage, but that doesn’t mean that it is an impossible task. Having a private storage space can add value to a property as well as provide a weather-safe space that has the capacity to be used for many functions. There are many storage options that can be added to a house, mobile home, or business.


Providing shelter for your vehicle is simple with a carport. They come in different size varieties to fit one or more cars. Carports can be metal or wood and come in a variety of styles and finishes. This is a cost-effective method that comes at many price points to fit any budget. Carports can be placed over a solid ground, an existing driveway, or a newly laid concrete pad.

Prefabricated Garages

There is no need to assume that a full garage must mean a huge construction project. Prefab garage options are the same size, quality, and durability of a traditionally built garage. They are built in a factory then transported to the customer’s desired destination to be assembled. There are many benefits of prefabricated garages like reduced disruption to the property, eco-friendly by reducing waste, and consistent high-quality results.

Detached Garages

New construction is the most expensive option but offers the most flexibility and customization. A detached garage offers a quiet workspace, no disruption to a home during construction, and increases the home or property value. These garages can be customized in any size, style, or material. They are typically built by a specialized construction company or licensed contractor. The downside of new construction is the cost, time it takes to complete, weather delays, and potential for … Read More..