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Signs of Getting High on Marijuana.
Marijuana is a narcotic whose intake into the body is via smoking, eating in food is another form it is taken, it gives the user a ‘high’ feeling due to some awesome side effects. Weed is also important medically for it painkiller ability and this has been used to treat patients with chronic pain, the doctors prescribe it to patients who need it but only in countries that have legalized it, a marijuana card is used to access this drug from a legitimate dispensary. Marijuana has significant effects on its user and these are the signs you can observe and point out that someone has had a puff of it, some of them will manifest immediately after the puff while others take time to show.
Many are the times when someone comments that the other has had a puff of cannabis basically because their eyes give them away. You might ask how on it is that smoking marijuana make the eyes of the user become red, well your answer is simple, marijuana contains tetrahydracanabinol which lower blood pressure, vessels of the body undergo vasodilation to make up for the low arterial blood pressure, this increases the blood supply to the body organs, the eyes are the only transparent body organs thus they show the increased blood content that simply appears as red color.
Marijuana when taken will also increase laughter of an individual significantly, you will smoke weed very sad but believe me you will start laughing at everything you see movements later. The brain is affected by tetrahydracanabinol(THC), a component of marijuana, in two ways, first it leads to release of dopamine from neurons at the substantia nigra found in the midbrain and other sites, these hormones induces happiness which is also enhanced by THC’s other effect of activating the right frontal lobe of the brain that has an area for laughter. Anytime you will need a little smile,to a heartfelt laughter at your problems you may want a puff of weed to give you just that.
Have you ever wanted to be active and yet a little slow to act, this is a feeling you probably are even finding hard to imagine right now and that is because you probably haven’t had a puff of marijuana yet. The cerebellum controls how fast movements of muscles of the body occur in addition to its posture maintenance function, cannabis will reduce the activity of the cerebellum thus leading to slow motion movements of the individual, reduced activity of the cerebellum is due to an effect of cannabis sativa to reduce blood supply to it.